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We're setting kids up for success by helping them achieve Grade 3 literacy by Grade 3 to strengthen our schools, our communities, and our province.

What We Know

Every year, more than 28% of students have not achieved grade level literacy by Grade 3

Saskatchewan has the 3rd lowest literacy rates in Canada

Grade 3 literacy is a critical marker; kids are 4x less likely to graduate if they haven’t achieved it

Low literacy is linked to poor health, poverty, high unemployment and crime rates

In many neighbourhoods, across Saskatchewan, up to 60% of students do not achieve the critical milestone of grade level literacy

Our teachers work incredibly hard, but we need to give extra support.

Alice Kuipers, Early Learning Equal Start Campaign Co-Chair

The Solution

Full-Day Everyday Kindergarten makes a difference

Research shows over 80% of Saskatchewan children that have attended full-day every day kindergarten achieved Grade 3 reading level by Grade 3.

Not only that, but Kindergarten introduces kids to school, learning, and relationships. It is an important component in the healthy development of children.

In every circumstance, kids in full-day kindergarten outperformed their half-day counterparts and attendance was significantly higher in the full day programs.

  • Early learning and development
  • Educational opportunities and enrichment
  • Social encouragement and increased mental wellness
  • Routine and stability
  • Ease of transition into every day classes for the next grade

Benefits of Full-Day Everyday

The benefits of full-day everyday kindergarten plant the seeds for future growth. Not just for our children, but for caregivers and families as well. Let’s set the families of Saskatchewan up for success and happiness.

Fewer barriers for parents to access childcare

Reduced daycare costs

Parents are able work to support their families

Equal access to a positive learning experience for all

Helps a child prepare for Grade 1 readiness

What shocked me about the stats is that if a child is not reading at grade level by grade three, the likelihood of them graduating decreases four times.

Michael Linklater, Early Learning Equal Start Campaign Co-Chair

“I got a call from the vice principal that my daughter Tavie’s reading level was a bit behind. As a parent who actively reads with her, I had no idea she was falling behind. Without these programs, Tavie wouldn’t get this extra support. Now I can be assured that she will gain essential confidence that will help her in years to come.”
Last year, Kenso was part of full-day every day kindergarten at Mayfair school. Thanks to the extra support received, Kenso is now in an advanced reading program, which has made him more confident.
Casey has benefitted from two SPSF programs to help her further develop her reading skills. Casey worked with a tutor, a retired master teacher, through the Page Turners program and attended Camp Brain Power in the summer months two years in a row to elevate her literacy skills and her overall love of learning.
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82% of saskatchewan residents would support publicly funded full-day every day kindergarten.

Source: Insightrix Survey - June 2023

Where We Are

Through the generosity of donors, Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation, currently provides funding to support full-day every day kindergarten in 25 schools, 29 programs throughout Saskatoon.

We’re seeing the benefits and positive impact of this initiative for over 750 learners!

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